promotional events

Event Design

All the market research, influencer finding, venue securing, partner securing, rentals, and more needed to ensure your event reaches the right people and achieves the desired goals

Graphic & Web Design

All the visuals and technical things needed to attract attention and properly market your event. 

Event pages, invitations, banners, posts, posters, whatever is needed to effectively market your evecnt to the right people

Ads, Posts, Emails, and  Invitations

Whether it be for digital use, media, or word of mouth marketing, we write the copy we know will get results with your target audience.

Management & Follow Up

You'll be busy meeting with your event guests, so we make sure all the behind the scenes action and marketing is taken care of for you. 

After the event, we will contact all your guests to say Thanks for Attending and get permission to pass their information on to you so you can contact them about your products & services