Trina Hodges is known by her clients and the community alike as a fun, loving, and genuine person that truly believes in giving back. For a few years, her idea of giving back was to invite all of her past, present, and future clients to a private event at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. There was face painting, BBQ, ice cream, special animal appearances, and so much fun. She handled the guest list while our agency handled the arrangements with the city, the volunteers, and the sign in table. Held after public operating hours, Trina's guests were treated to many surprises and a great time for all. 


Having Fun
Bumper Boats
Monkeying Around
Face Painting
Carousel Ride
More Bumper Boats
Guests Having a Rest
Family Friendly
Girls Running to See...?
Learning About Animals
Red Panda Alert!
Lounging Lemurs